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Who may bid?

Anyone may bid on the property. If you are the successful bidder, you must be prepared to either: pay for the property immediately following the sale or sign a surety bond with a co-signer/surety (the co-signer must own property in McCracken County) immediately after the sale. The total sale price is due within thirty days of the sale. If the property is not paid for on the sale date, the purchaser is obligated to pay twelve percent per annum interest on the sales amount, beginning the day following the sale.

What is the significance of an appraisement?

The appraisement has only one significance, that concerns the Right of Redemption Law in Kentucky. If the property does not bring at least two-thirds of the appraisement value, the owner of the property can redeem (buy back) the property by paying the purchaser the price paid plus twelve percent interest, within a one year period from the date of the sale.

Do I get a deed immediately when I pay the purchase price?

After the sale there is a ten day period for exceptions to the sale to be filed. After that date and upon payment of the purchase price, a deed will be prepared, signed by the Master Commissioner and sent to the Circuit Court Judge for his signature and then entered in the Court records. There is usually a lapse in time following the sale before all the sales costs can be collected and calculated, this includes advertising costs and contact tax and lien offices to assure that all prior taxes and liens can be paid and cleared from the title.

If I am the current owner of the property, how do I stop the sale?

The Master Commissioner has no authority to stop a sale. Further as an unbiased officer of the Court, the Master Commissioner cannot give you legal advice. If you are being foreclosed upon and wish to stop the sale, it is recommended that you talk with a real estate or a bankruptcy attorney to review your options. Sometimes an owner is able to negotiate with the Plaintiff or the Plaintiff’s attorney. Generally this office does not have any direct contact with the Plaintiff and cannot usually give you any contact information.

Terms & Conditions

    The Master Commissioner sells property which has been ordered to be sold by the Circuit Court. In McCracken County there are three Circuit Court Judges, Judge Cynthia Sanderson, Judge Craig Z. Clymer, and Judge Timothy Kaltenbach. The Master Commissioner’s Office is operated under the auspices of the Kentucky Administrative Office of Courts.

    The Master Commissioner does not have a list of foreclosed properties or properties that are currently in the process of being foreclosed. Once a property has been ordered sold, the Commissioner will open a file to sell the property. In McCracken County the Plaintiff or the person who has brought forth the claim must pay a $600.00 deposit to schedule a sale. Sales are generally held on the last Monday of the month with the exception of December. There are no sales held in December; the monthly date may be changed if there are conflicts with holidays or other reasons for changing the sale date. Once a sale is set, the properties for sale will be advertised in the Paducah Sun for three weeks prior to the sale in the Friday paper in the Classified Section.

    An appraisement will be made on each of the properties being sold in a foreclosure action. These will be available on this web site one week prior to the sale. The appraisement is made by two disinterested realtors, and consists of a “drive by” appraisal using information on the property’s sales history and research on comparable properties in the neighborhood. The Master Commissioner does not have access to the home and cannot grant others access to the home, therefore the quality of the interior is not known.

    Sales are made in the west wing of the Courthouse on the southern stairs and begin at 1:30 p.m. After a call to order is made, the Commissioner will then read the address of the proposed property and the Case Name which ordered the sale. If an appraisement is required in the case the appraisement amount and the amount to defeat the Right of Redemption will also be read. The Master Commissioner then entertains bids and the highest bidder is the purchaser.

Contact Info
  • Mark L. Ashburn
    Master Commissioner

  • 270.444.0433


  • FAX 270.442.1516

  • 535 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42001

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